Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

UNIR makes it possible

At the International University of La Rioja we believe that everyone deserves to receive a quality online university education that adapts to their needs, no matter how exceptional they are.

100% Online University

Live online classes

Personal tutors

Nacho Cases, football player

“After football I want to be a professor. I can attend university here but in my time. They have moved exams to different days because they coincided with league games. UNIR makes it possible for athletes like me to combine professional sports with academic training.”


Luis Bey, businessman

“I have a small business in fashion and we needed a strategic differentiation. I took the ADE degree at UNIR because it was the only university that allowed me to continue with my business project and get an education at the same time.”

Marta Riego, mother

“There came a time that I wanted to give up. Work, the house, the kids…it all came together. If I wouldn´t have had anyone to support me, I would have left. But thanks to my tutor I continued. UNIR made it possible for me to have a Degree in Primary Education today.”


Jorge Pérez de Villar, reporter

“Since I was born I can´t hear anything with my right ear and during my Bachelor I had to drop out of classes. UNIR has made things easier for me. I can turn up the volume of a class, or watch it at another time. I had the opportunity to complete my first higher education degree.”

eva alumna

Eva María Calderón, lawyer

“At some point I quit my studies and due to a traffic accident I had to restructure my future. This is when I entered UNIR. They solved all the problems I presented. That´s the difference.”

Rafael San Miguel

“I´m studying a Masters in Visual Analytics and Big Data. Because of my job I travel every week. Only UNIR gave me the possibility to draw up a weekly work plan, with the help of a tutor, which I think will be fundamental for me to graduate”.

alumno UNIR

Jorge Pérez, Communication degree

“I suffer loss of hearing in my right ear and I need earplugs in my left. With their live online classes, UNIR has made it easier for me to study a degree which I probably wouldn´t have been able to do taking in-person classes. It has had a significant value to me.”

Martha Lyda Urbina, Master in Neuropsychology

“I had attended a traditional university but it implied displacements. UNIR was a radical change because university came home. It is a different experience where besides making friends you acquire useful knowledge. I almost immediately started applying what I was learning to my patients: children and teenagers that come to my office”.

Juan Ibañez, MBA

“You receive a lot of support: you can contact the professors on the forums, there´s the support of a tutor, you know there is always someone you can go to in case you need anything, a question or consultation. And there’s also constant communication with your classmates on forums, groups or digital platforms.”

alumna unir

Ana Yangüela, Master in Neuropsychology

“You feel proud of your professors because you see their work, what they are dedicated to, their lines of research…and they are right there to ask them anything. That is so valuable and you study with delight because you say, this was explained to me by a person who is an authority on this matter.”