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The university

The mission of the International University of La Rioja is the integral formation of the student, to train students in the skills that today´s society demands. UNIR is committed to comply with the needs and expectations of any group of interest (students, teaching and research staff, administration and services staff, public administrations and the society in general), involved in the process through a quality education which looks for the continuous improvement and the excellence.

We have a special sensibility to attend to those who, for different reasons, can´t access to face-to-face education, or those who can but prefer to choose other solutions more open and innovative that the emerging technologies offer in the network.

Social responsibility orients the policy of UNIR to basic issues like:

  • Make possible the access to university studies for every person who, with the previous adequate training, wants to do it and remove cultural and social barriers as well as those related to distance, timetables or place.
  • Implement the teaching and researching resources through the development of emerging technologies, in a way that it is possible to offer high quality training, paying particular attention to those resources that the cultural, social and technical changes may demand.
UNIR Corporate


Our methodology is the core value for our students. We offer a personalized education and 100 % flexible in time management and schedule. We provide the student with a personal tutor who will accompany you throughout the course . We also offer the opportunity to attend a live virtual classroom sessions where you can perform queries in real time and teachers share knowledge with other students.

And if he could not attend school live: no problem!, everything is saved , the student can view the classes anytime and anywhere.

Learning resources

The student receives training of teachers and professional experts of UNIR, and has the support of the Technical Guidance Service that will solve all your doubts to successfully follow their classes.

All program participants can communicate with each other from anywhere in the world through chats, discussion forums and blogs.

The contents are supplemented with online dictionaries of terms associated with educational units and additional documentation.

Our platform also allows downloading of audio and video.

Evaluation system

For attainment of the aims and objectives acquired in each subject, it is necessary to evaluate the skills acquired during the study for each subject.

Learning assessment is made taking into account the marks obtained at the following points:

  • Continuous assessment (tests , participation / involvement by the student in forums , debates , and other collaborative media and solving case studies).
  • Final Exam classroom.

Academic offer