Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

International Mobility Office

Linguistic support

The European Commission has launched a service of online language support (OLS) to help achieve the objectives of the programme by the linguistic progress of the participants. The use of OLS will not have any cost for the students or for the beneficiary organizations.

When the higher education institutions sign the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, undertake the commitment to comply with all the principles to ensure a mobility of the highest quality, and ensure as well that all the participants are well prepared for it, which includes checking that they have reached the required language skills and to offer appropriated linguistic support to the participants, either through OSL, or through other support covered by the organizational support (OS). The consortia which have received the Certificate of mobility acquire the same commitment, since the criteria for granting the certificate relating to the quality of the practical arrangements, management and support arrangements offered by consortia, language and intercultural support are included.

Mandatory use of OLS

  • Students whose main language of mobility is one of the 6 languages available (except natives) will have to receive linguistic support through OLS. To do this:
    • The students will receive a license to compulsory evaluate on line their language skills (before and after the mobility).
    • The sending institution and the students will receive the results of the evaluation, and if deemed necessary by both parties, the institution will give then a license to taking voluntary a course.
  • Students whose main mobility language is not among those available in the OLS may choose other type of language support.