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Care service for Special Needs

The Care Service for Special Needs (SANNEE) has the objective to offer support for students in situations of temporal or permanent functional diversity, providing the most appropriate solutions for each case. At SANNEE the main goal is to achieve the full integration of all students to university life looking for the necessary means and resources to make a university for everyone. If you have any questions, you would like to tell us about your personal situation or make a suggestion, please send an email to necesidadesespeciales@unir.net.

Some proceedings of the department

  • Reception: the SANNEE contacts the students of the first year with disabilities to carry out a personal interview and make a diagnosis of their needs.
  • Personal Counseling: The students will be able to request any information they need from the Service regarding disability, aid, scholarships, state support, etc.
  • We are all diverseThe SANNEE plans to sensitize the university community about the need to integrate disabled students under equality of conditions.


  • Access to the resources of the Virtual Campus: adaptation of materials in function of the students’ needs.
  • Curricular adaptations: the SANNEE informs the Academic Coordination Department of the special education needs of students so that timely modifications may be introduced.
  • Adaptations in the exams: The necessary actions will be carried out during examinations to guarantee the equality of opportunities among all UNIR students.
  • Pedagogical Counseling: the cases that require so are sent to the Department of Academic Orientation in order to offer more appropriate personal attention.
  • Other actions: In function of each case, the corresponding Department is contacted to respond adequately to the requests of our students with a functional limitation.

Formation and Development Program of the SANNEE

Group “Accessible Education in Diversity”

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