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UNIR aims to be a global University that is an academic reference internationally. From all of the students, 21% are spread over 79 countries on all the 5 continents


UNIR in Mexico

UNIR México is a private Mexican university approved by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in 2013.

The International University of La Rioja, leader in online formation in Europe, is part of the Academic Group UNIR and has consolidated as an education solution for thousands of people all around the world.

The International University of La Rioja in Mexico offers a high level of demand to guarantee an optimum formation with European university quality. This is achieved thanks to its innovative methodology based on live online classes that allow the immediate contact between students, professors and classmates, and the constant accompaniment of a personal tutor. An efficient method that is underpinned by constant evaluation to ensure the constant assimilation of knowledge and by the application of final examinations that guarantee the formative success of our students. UNIR Mexico is a university adapted to new times and current society. A new university concept in which last generation technological aspects are integrated and employed for a close by and quality education. More than 32,000 students in the world have chosen this education model, more than 12,000 students have graduated and another 20,000 continue to prepare themselves in our virtual classrooms to do so.

The Bachelor and Master degrees offered by UNIR Mexico have official validity and they are incorporated in the national education system by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in Mexico.

The Bachelor Degrees are:

The Masters are:

Besides the SEP Bachelors and Masters, UNIR Mexico offers the opportunity to take European Postmaster degrees in different disciplines, granted by the International University of La Rioja. The majority of these degrees are Official Masters  recognized in the European Higher education Area.

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UNIR in Colombia

As a response to the great reception the International University of La Rioja has had among Colombian students, UNIR Colombia was created with a headquarters in Bogota.

There are already more than 270 degrees homologated by the National Ministry of Education in virtue of the priority agreement of mutual recognition of degrees signed between Spain and Colombia. The university is backed by the most prestigious institutions in the country, which strengthens its offer of degrees and European postgraduate studies, offered by the International University of la Rioja.

Thanks to its innovative pedagogical model and wide selection of degrees, the International University of La Rioja has positioned itself as an education institute of reference for thousands of Colombian students.

In November 2016 the 3rd graduation was celebrated in Bogota in which more than 900 graduating students participated.

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UNIR in Ecuador

The International University of La Rioja has recently been admitted to the list of higher education institutes that may officially register their degrees in Ecuador. This list was compiled by the National Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (SENESCYT) through a strict evaluation process.

Once accepted, UNIR takes place as the first online Spanish speaking university recognized in Ecuador. The inclusion of UNIR is the result of a quality verification process and the academic excellence of the university and each one of its degrees. This placing on the list has been responded by a great acceptance of Ecuadorian students that have started to study in our virtual classrooms.

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