Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

Strategic Plan

UNIR’s strategic plan consists of six concrete axes that pursue a series of well-defined objectives. Always looking to achieve a personalized and high-quality education capable of reaching anyone, anywhere in the world through the latest technology.

1. To provide a high quality, pluralistic and updated academic offer

  • To offer a model of integral formation open to the world, that promotes equal opportunities for people of all kinds and conditions.
  • To offer official and unofficial degrees, which are permanently adapted to the current professional reality in all branches of knowledge.
  • Continuous improvement of the internal quality assurance plan.

2. Permanent improvement of the pedagogical model

  • To deepen the development of a personalized pedagogical model, adapted to the personal and professional circumstances of each of our students.
  • To pursue flexibility as a crucial element in our model which allows each student to design the educational itinerary that best fits their possibilities, interests and needs.
  • To insist on the figure of a personal tutor as one of the central resources to bring our pedagogical model to reality. It is intended for each student to have one tutor from their entrance to the university up to the day they leave.
  • To pursue a model that is more collaborative each time, designed for students, teachers and tutors to interact and to maintain constant communication. This allows that students actively participate in the learning process.

3. Technological leadership applied to University Education.

  • A constant effort to identify and develop the latest technology applied to university education.
  • The intensive use of the latest technology applied to the Virtual Campus.
  • To offer the amount of live online classes necessary for the optimal formation of our students.

4. International DNA

  • To be a real global university, open to people from all around the world.
  • To increase our number of students, professors and researchers of different nationalities in order for our way of being and acting to become more open and global every time.
  • To focus on the international development of the university in Ibero-American countries and adapt our model to the reality of each of the countries where UNIR is present.

5. A firm commitment to research, development and transfer

  • To commit firmly to research in general and especially virtual learning or e–learning.
  • To promote knowledge transfer to the society especially in matters of culture, entrepreneurship, employment and solidarity, to carry education to the most disadvantaged by means of the latest technology and the active volunteering of teaching staff.
  • To turn the online doctorate programs and research masters into a support and development platform for the research skills of the university teaching staff of Ibero-America.

6. Talent development

  • To commit to attracting and promoting the best talents of students as well as teaching staff and management.
  • To promote professional acknowledgement policies based on merits and results achieved.
  • To promote the continuous formation of staff.
  • To generate a work climate of high involvement with the educational project of UNIR.