Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

Quality Assurance

Quality policy

One of UNIR’s objectives is to offer quality teaching online and that is why an Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) was designed that is carried out through the Quality Unit (UNICA) and the Units of Diploma Quality (UCT).

Structure of the SGIC

The organs in charge of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) are organized in two levels at UNIR.  The first, the general centralized level, is linked to the Rectorate through the Academic Organization of Vice-rectorate. It is the Quality Unit of UNIR (UNICA). The second one corresponds to each degree, both official (Degrees, Masters, Doctorates) and independent degrees. This is the Degree Quality Unit (UCT).

Quality and Procedure Manual

In the SGIC, the procedures and present Quality Manual form an integrated whole that works in an interrelated fashion to guarantee the quality of the management of UNIR with a focus on constant improvement. The accountability to the main stakeholders is produced thanks to the information flow within this system.

Manual de Calidad de la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja