Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

Our Commitment

At UNIR we commit to you

#1 You will enjoy a new concept of online university

We put technology at the service of education to offer a method that is effective, innovative and tailor-made. On our virtual campus, your education will be flexible, active and constructive. You will experience the best of online studying wherever you are.

#2 You will attend classes wherever and whenever you like

You will attend live online classes, interacting with your professor and classmates. And if you don't have time, you can view the recorded classes later as often as necessary.

#3 You will never feel alone

You will have the support of a personal tutor from day one who you can reach by telephone and email. You will receive personalized attention and constant follow-up so you won’t fall behind.

#4 Only you will mark the pace

You can design your own educational itinerary, adapting it to the needs of your professional and personal life. We adapt to you, not the other way around.

#5 You will have a private university within your reach

You will have the highest quality instruction at competitive prices in the field of private universities. The dream of having a higher university education is much closer than you imagine.

#6 You will be the first to be up to date

You will specialize in emerging professions at all times. You will also have access to master classes with experts on subjects to update your professional profile.

#7 You will not give up halfway

With your efforts and our support you will complete your studies and get your degree. You will have the constant support of your tutor and professors to help you achieve your goal.

#8 You will be what companies are looking for

You will receive an education designed for professional reality. With an active faculty, curricula adapted to the labor market and practical educational content, you will come out ready to take on the job you are looking for.

#9 You will never be too far

You will have an exam site nearby. We have several fixed sites and create new ones based on your needs and requirements. Also, if you have to move, we offer facilities so you can attend the exams.

#10 You will fit in straight away

You will enjoy education that is connected and social. We use the best tools so you can have a real university life, in direct contact with people who have the same concerns and interests as you.