How to enrol

To enrol at UNIR, just follow these steps:

  1. Complete and send the "Request Information" form.
  2. You will receive a call from a personal advisor, who will verify that you fulfill the requirements and will help you develop your personalized study plan: credit transfer, number of credits to take, time you can devote to study, etc
  3. Complete and send the registration form * with the method of payment which suits you best.
  4. Send the required documentation, properly notarized, to confirm admission. Receive confirmation.
  5. Receive your password to the virtual campus and begin to study according to your plan.

For information about fees and current tuition rates, or further questions, contact a personal advisor by e-mail ( or telephone (+34 91 567 44 94).

If you have studied at a university before or possess professional experience in your field of study, you may apply to receive course credit by requesting an ECTS credit transfer review*. UNIR’s Department of Credit Transfer and Award will make a preliminary assessment of your individual case.

* An advisor will provide you with the registration form.
** For official and postgraduate degrees only.