The Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the field of Law at the International University of La Rioja provide the opportunity to specialise through a unique, practice-oriented pedagogical model in the areas of greatest interest and market demand, while remaining mindful of the ethical and humanistic values that distinguish lawyers trained at our institution.

We use innovative teaching models, such as the UNIR-Fernando Pombo Foundation Legal Clinic, so that students apply their knowledge from the very first day in pro bono cases, using the methodology employed by law firms—all in an online environment.

Our teaching faculty is composed of PhDs and prestigious academics and jurists connected with the world of law, who enable students to gain knowledge of real market needs and demands.

With support from the main specialized legal associations and collaboration agreements with prestigious law firms, we aim to provide an education oriented to professional reality, always putting students first.

On our virtual campus, you will have a flexible, active, constructive education. You will experience the best of online study, wherever you are.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law

University Master’s Degrees

  • University Master’s in Business Law and Legal Advising
  • University Master’s in Canon Marriage Law
  • University Master’s in International Tax
  • University Master’s in Intellectual Property and New Technologies Law
  • University Master’s in Advocacy

Unofficial UNIR Degrees

  • University Course in Mediation
  • University Expert in Compliance
  • University Expert in Bankruptcy Law
  • University Expert in Civil Procedure