At the UNIR, we are experts and pioneers in delivering Bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees for teachers and educators using a 100% online methodology. We have trained over 12,000 teachers and have expert faculty in each subject area.

The UNIR’s Faculty of Education offers a wide selection of academic programmes adapted to the needs of the education sector so that you can specialise and complete your professional profile. You can choose from over 20 degree programmes, from Bachelor’s and Official University Master’s programmes to the UNIR’s own degrees, and specialise in the branch of education of your choice—neuropsychology, psychopedagogy, bilingual education, educational management, application of lastics in the classroom, etc.

The ultimate goal of the UNIR’s Faculty of Education is to train professionals with extensive, coherent knowledge in education-related disciplines and the teaching of students of the following ages:

  • Early Childhood Education.
  • Primary Education.
  • Secondary Education.

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Teacher in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Teacher in Primary Education
  • Master’s Degrees

  • Master’s in the Training of Secondary Education Teachers
  • Master’s in Neuropsychology and Education
  • Master’s in Psychopedagogy
  • Master’s in Leadership for Educational Management
  • Master’s in E-Learning and Social Networks
  • Master’s in Bilingual Education
  • Master’s in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE)
  • Expert in Digital Communication for Educators
  • Expert in the Creation of Digital Content for the Classroom
  • Expert in the Teaching of Catholic Religion in Early Childhood and Primary Education (DECA)
  • Expert in Emotional Intelligence
  • Expert in Multiple Intelligences
  • Expert in CLIL Methodology (AICLE)
  • Expert in Protection and Safety for the Educational Community Online
  • Expert in Psychomotricity and Neuromotricity
  • Expert in Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • Master’s in Education and ICT
  • Qualification courses

  • Qualification Course for the Teaching of Geography and History
  • Qualification Course for the Teaching of the History of Spain
  • Qualification Course for the Teaching of Language and Literature