Communication and Marketing

The Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the field of Communication and Marketing at the International University of La Rioja have grown from the need to train excellent managers and professionals to respond to the demands of today’s labour market.

Within this field, the UNIR provides a variety of specialised Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the sector, including digital marketing, online communication, data journalism and integrated advertising.

Communication and Marketing is thus structured as the learning area within the University that specialises in training future professionals who can plan, manage, lead, take decisions, solve problems, develop projects, etc. within companies and agencies in the marketing and communication sector. Another of our goals is to ensure that students develop a high degree of adaptation to change and obtain advanced knowledge of the digital and technological environment, competencies crucial to the sector today.

Our teaching faculty is composed of PhDs and prestigious academics and managers connected to the communication and marketing sectors.

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing and Commercialisation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication
  • Official University Master’s Degrees

  • University Master’s in Integrated Advertising: Creativity and Strategy
  • University Master’s in Research, Data and Visualisation Journalism
  • University Master’s in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce
  • University Master’s in Neuromarketing