Arts and Humanities

The Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the field of Arts and Humanities at the International University of La Rioja have grown from the need to train professionals in the field of art and culture to respond to the demands of today’s labour market, while remaining mindful of the ethical and humanistic values that distinguish professionals and artists trained at our institution.

The UNIR offers a variety of specialised Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music, Dramaturgy, Design and the Humanities. All of these programmes provide specialised training in a branch of knowledge tied profoundly to contemporary culture and society, while following our 100% online methodology.

To provide a real-world approach to culture, our teaching faculty is composed of PhDs and prestigious academics and artists connected to the world of culture.

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music
  • Master’s Degrees

  • Master’s in Screenplay Writing
  • Master’s in User Experience Design
  • Master’s in Advanced Theatre Studies
  • Master’s in Musicology
  • Master’s in Arts Management (off & online)
  • Qualification Courses

  • Qualification Course for the Teaching of Geography and History
  • Qualification Course for the Teaching of History of Spain
  • Qualification Course for the Teaching of Language and Literature